Did You Mean Youtube Live Promo: Charlie the Unicorn?

YouTube Live: Charlie the Unicorn is a video Created by FilmCow to advertise YouTube Live.

Plot Edit

A portal opens up in front of Charlie, and the colored unicorns inform him that "it's happening". When Charlie asks them to clarify, they tell him that YouTube Live is happening and that it is where the internet and real-life combine in 3D, at which point Blue's head begins to inflate and they start to float uncontrollably.

Oh my god it's raining Chocolate

Oh my god it's raining chocolate!

Charlie then says that if the internet were to combine with reality, everywhere people look, fat guys would be falling over in slow-motion, animals would be doing people things and that Rick Astley would make a comeback. The other two unicorns begin singing lines from Rick Astley's song Never Gonna Give You Up causing the sky to begin raining chocolate and a monstrous Rick Astley with tentacles instead of arms to emerge from the portal.

As the trio make their escape, Blue and Pink begin applauding the collapse of civilization and downfall of democracy, before speaking in Russian and dressing in stereotypical Russian outfits with the communist symbol on their sides.

Suddenly the group is in a white room and it is revealed that YouTube has gone into maintenance mode and Charlie says they are safe. Pink says, however, that they are also "no strangers to love", quoting once again the Rick Astley song Never Gonna Give You Up, and the portal begins to reopen. Despite Charlie's requests, Blue continues to quote the song, and Rick Astley appears once again. Charlie and Blue begin shouting "Nooo!" whilst Pink shouts "Communism!".