Trapped in the Garage is a FilmCow video about a man who accidentally gets himself trapped in his garage and goes to incredibly extreme measures in order to escape.

Plot Edit

A man (played by Chris Alex) gets out of his car, only to suddenly realize that he has left his keys in his car and that he is now trapped in his garage. The first thing he does is order pizza, asking that the person delivering the pizza drive through his garage door. When they decline, he phones NASA and asks to speak to someone responsible for launching the rockets, however, they simply hang up.

He then calls President Barak Obama and tries to convince him to help, telling him that a meteorite has landed nearby and there are thousands of burglars trying to get into his garage. He then resorts to claiming that there is a thermonuclear warhead in his garage, ready to explode and kill 1.5 million people. He also claims that he has Osama bin Laden and that they need to send in the Marines, the Navy, the Army, and the Air Force loaded to the brim with every single weapon that they have in their arsenal, however, he is interrupted by his roommate (played by Joshqua Steele) entering the garage and the man hangs up.

The roommate asks if the man left his keys in the car again and if the police are on their way over, and the man tells him that they probably are.