The Magical Realm of Horse Man is the first video in the "The Magical Realm of Horse Man" series. It introduces the series's main protagonist, Horse Man, an anthropomorphic horse in a constant battle for popularity.

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Angela has thrown Horse Man a birthday party, but he is not impressed because none of his friends have shown up. Angela says that she invited everyone and that she doesn't know why none of them have shown up, but tells him that they can still have a good time. Horse Man, however, disagrees, telling Angela that she threw him the "9/11 of birthday parties" before also calling the party a sausage fest and leaving.

Upon leaving the party, Horse Man meets Orb and asks him why he didn't come to his party. Orb explains that he was at Randall's party and that he loves Randall and how "crazy popular" he is. Angrily, Horse Man says that Randall is a "dickwheel" and that everybody hates him and orb tells him that he is just jealous.

At Randall's party, Randall asks Dennis what he thinks of the party and Dennis tells him that his parties are wonderful and that everybody loves him. Randall then tells Dennis that he is glad that he came even though he is "the Worst", at which point Horse man turns up and tells Randall that he is the worst, causing Dennis to call Horse Man a Jellyfish. When Horse Man tells Randa that it isn't his birthday Randall tells him that is isn't Horse Man's either, but Horse Man claims that it's birthday party day. Dennis begins talking about cat abortions, and Horse Man tells him that he isn't his best friend anymore and that he has been replaced by Orb. Angela arrives and Horse Man scolds her for not being at his party, before calling everyone the "9/11s of everything.

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