The Magical Realm of Horse Man is a FilmCow series about a character named Horse Man and his never-ending struggle for popularity.


The Magical Realm of Horse Man Edit

Angela has thrown Horse Man a birthday party, but all of his friends have instead gone to Randal's party.

The Magical Realm of Horse Man 2 Edit

Horse Man is having a pool party, but no one is coming because it's at the same time as Angela's book club meeting.

The Magical Realm of Horse Man (Unsuccessful) TV Pitch Edit

Horse Man is having a release party to celebrate the release of his new hit TV show, but it's on the same day as Angela's birthday party, also, Orb has an important message to deliver to the cast of the show.

Characters Edit

Horse Man Edit

Angela, this is the 9/11

of birthday parties.

— Horse Man

Played by Jason Steele, Horse Man is the star of the show and nothing else. He, like most of the characters from the series, is constantly throwing parties, although his never seem to go to plan. He is always horrible to Angela, despite her being the only real friend he has and is incredibly jealous of Randal and his popularity.

Angela Edit

You didn't have to throw all

of my books into the lake

— Angela
Played by Jenifer Alex, Angela would have the kindest of hearts, if her anatomy allowed for such things. Despite Horse Man always being mean to her, Angela will often cancel her own parties in order to make him happy. She seems to be relatively popular and has a book club.

Randall Edit

Well you're acting super peanut

butter and jellyfish.

— Randal
Voiced by Chris Alex, Randall is the coolest cat in the realm. He is far more popular than Horse Man, which makes him jealous. Characters will usually choose to go to his parties instead of Horse Man's. He often hangs out with Dennis, even though he beleives him to be "the worst".

Orb Edit

I have withheld information from you because of

important science reasons but I can hide this no longer.

— Orb
Played by Jason Steele, Orb is a mysterious character with many secrets. He dislikes is Horse Man despite Horse Man stating that Orb is his best friend at the end of episode 1.

Dennis Edit

I like to keep old pancakes in

a box under my bed.

— Dennis
Voiced by Jason Steele, Dennis is Horse Man's ex-best friend, who often disturbs the other characters by bringing up bizarre subjects such as cat abortions.