That's Our Robert is a live action video by FilmCow.


That's Our Robert is about a man who does seemingly random and odd things, such as having sex with couches or eating period medicine.


The video starts out with a short intro. It then plays small skits about the titular character, Robert.

The first skit shows one of the characters eating a sandwich as Robert passes him. Robert tells him that his penis was in the sandwich, causing the character to slowly hold it away from his mouth as Robert shrugs. The "That's Our Robert" jingle then plays.

The second skit shows the same unnamed character complaining to a different character about not recieving a promotion at work. Robert comes out of the closet, dressed in goblin costume and hockey mask. He appears to drunk, asking where he is and whose house it was.

The third skit has Robert appear behind the female character and her couch, saying "Well, I'm finished!" The female character simply stares at him, to which he replies that he had sex with the couch.

In the fourth skit, Robert digs around the female character's purse. She asks him what he is doing, and he tells her that he ate her period medicine.

During the semi-final skit, Robert drinks a bottle of Nyquil and goes to use the pool. The other two try to stop him, to no avail. He is next seen apparently deceased, floating face up in the pool. The jingle then plays and the video ends.