Starfish is a character from the Charlie the Unicorn series. He is deeply in love with Charlie.

Appearances Edit

Charlie the Unicorn 3 Edit

Starfish is one of the sea creatures who appear during the capricorn's song. He seems to love Charlie far more than any of the other sea creatures, saying things like "Starfish really loves you!" and "I want to be with you forever!".

Charlie the Unicorn 4 Edit

After the blue and pink unicorns leave Charlie on the soon to be exploded moon, starfish appears and tells Charlie to wish on him. When Charlie does so, Starfish’s skin melts away and Charlie is teleported home. When Charlie gets home, starfish falls from the sky shouting “YOLO”.

Charlie teh Unicorn 3 Edit


Starfish's Corpse

The blue and pink unicorns show Charlie starfish’s flattened corpse and accuse him of his murder. When Starfish’s cousin arrives, he asks why Charlie did it, to which blue replies “It was probably sexual”. Starfish’s cousin says that he will forget about the incident if Charlie becomes his slave for the day. Later, at a Red Lobster, Starfish’s cousin claims he once killed his own cousin for a cheddar biscuit.

Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator Edit

Starfish is one of the characters Charlie can date in the Charlie the unicorn dating simulator.

Trivia Edit

  • Starfish has a card in the Ten Million Years Filmcow Wars card game. Charlie the Unicorn will follow his card, and Starfish is discarded if Charlie is discarded.