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Eat up that spicy lamb chop.
— Professor Toothy.

Professor Toothy is one of the two main characters of the video of the same name. He also appears in the novelette Professor Toothy: The Final Lesson. In the original video, he appears antagonistic, although the novelette revealed that he was well intentioned.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Professor Toothy is an oversized tooth. His face takes up almost all of his body. He has long, gangly arms, at the end of which are glove-covered four-fingered hands.


Before The Final LessonEdit

Professor Toothy was once a student at Grimstone University, before becoming a Professor of time magic there, along with a hawk person named Simon. At some point, however, Toothy convinced the education board to revoke Simon's license because he was "out of control". Due to there being few jobs in the time magic industry, Toothy hardly ever got any students, the only reason that the class still existed was that the dean had a special interest in the subject.

Meeting Talia the LionEdit

Professor Toothy first met Talia when the university's guidance charm led her to his department. [1]


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