The millipede is a character from the Charlie the Unicorn series. It is the singing character in Charlie the Unicorn 4

Appearances Edit

Charlie the Unicorn 4 Edit

The blue and pink unicorns inform Charlie that the huge gross millipede is going to use its gross slimy millipede powers to destroy the Cavern of the Red Wind and that they need to go to the moon to stop it. Charlie agrees, stating that he doesn't believe that he has any real choice. Upon getting to the moon, Blue says that Charlie is ready and that they believe in him, at which point a giant millipede bursts from the ground and begins to sing. When finished, it explodes.

Charlie teh Unicorn 4 Edit


The millipede from Charlie teh Unicorn 4

After the unicorns' space ship crash-lands on a desert planet, the millipede approaches them and asks if they want to hear a song. The colored unicorns refuse and leave but Charlie agrees to listen. After The song, Charlie asks if they take requests. The millipede says that he does as long as the request is Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator Edit

The millipede is one of the characters Charlie can date in the can date in the Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator.

Trivia Edit

  • The millipede refers to its self as a king, which is a masculine term, however, the Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator uses female pronouns when referring to it.
    • Additionally, the millipede in the Charlie teh Unicorn series appears more masculine than it does in the main series. It is impossible to win.