The liopleurodon is a character from the Charlie the Unicorn series. In Charlie the Unicorn, the pink and blue unicorns claim that it is magical.


Charlie the UnicornEdit

Charlie and the pink and blue unicorns come across the liopleurodon on their way to candy mountain. The colored unicorns explain that it will show them the way to their destination. Charlie states that he doesn't believe that there really is a candy mountain, and the other unicorns shun him. The liopleurodon makes a series of weird noises and the unicorns continue on their journey.

Charlie teh UnicornEdit

The unicorns meet the liopleurodon after crossing the bridge. The pink and blue unicorns refer to it as "Lio" and pink claims that he owes them twenty bucks. The fire from the beginning of the episode reappears and Lio catches fire, causing blue to tell him to stop, drop and roll.

Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator Edit

The liopleurodon is one of the characters that Charlie can date in the Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator.

Trivia Edit