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It's Series are made by Jason Steele on Filmcow with some help from Jason's skanky pet land-whale, Scuffy. 


The It's series are parodies of existing culture like Movies or games. They are usually animated comically poorly and use plenty of swears in them. 


It's Aladin

Based off the Disney film Aladin. Its shows Aladin finding the Genie who has the amazing talent of perfectly immatating people who don't exist in the time period. Aladin explains that he wants to be a prince so he can trick Princess Jasmine into having sex with him, the Genie clearly disturbed by this is not to sure what to think. It ends with the Genie saying he can do a good Arnold Shwartznegger impression before it ends.

It's Mario

Based off the Mario games. Mario is having a merry time killing woodland creatures and being racist to Italians. Toad sees the horrifying slaughter and tries to stop Mario, but Mario seems to be in his own little world of splatting monsters and eating pasta. After Toad angrily tells Mario he is being racist to italians Mario then changes his accent to japanese, again being horriblly racist.

It's cake boss

Based off Cake Boss. Buddy Introduces himself, calling himself the boss. His sisters start calling him for ridiculous reasons, but Buddy tells us again, He is the Boss. He then expains he got an order for cake for a fishing resort. He makes a cake that looks like set fishing resort but his dumbass sisters destory it. He warns them he will fire them and repeats he is the boss. Buddy makes a similar cake execpt out of rice crispy bars and wax, also with some wood and shit inside. Buddy then tells us his wife's birthday was coming up and he was going to bake her a cake, like every birthday. Infact one year she told him she didn't want any cake and he locked her in the cellar forcing her to tell him he is the boss over and over.