George is a grouchy humanoid husband of his wife Angela (The Animal). In the series he and her usually fight on what to do with the Animal/Dinosaur/Alien. He always never believes that the creature is in the house as he would always just want to cook fried eggs.


The AnimalEdit

He is cooking some eggs when Angela calls him as there is an animal in their house. He does not believe her at first until he hears the animal. He tries to sweep him out of the house with a broom. Not wanting the animal in the house Angela goes to get a gun so she can shoot it out. George tells her to stop seeing Angela will shoot a bullet in the roof. Soon enough the animal flies out the window leaving him free to cook eggs only for them to be burned.

Prometheus 2Edit

He is cooking some eggs when Angela calls him due to having an alien in the house for him to see the alien. Angela says aliens hate pictures and tells him to get the camera for him to refuse. Angela then says that the alien is mind controlling her as he thinks her crazy. She then has to shoot him in the face for most of the reasons of being the fact she thinks George is an asshole. The alien then teleports away leaving him free to cook his eggs only for a alien egg to sprout an arm on George's face.