Fug the Cat was one of the members of The Resistance in Detective Heart of America: The final Freedom. He was one of the citizens of Fug, all of whom share the same name, and is the only member of the Resistance who was not introduced earlier in the film or series.

He was killed when the Aliens ambushed The Resistance at the Holiday Inn Express.

Personality Edit

Fug the Cat views himself as a cute goofball and fully embraces this trope, despite the fact that his own allies found him to be very annoying as a result. OUYA tells Heart of America that Fug was never invited into The Resistance and is a member only because he will not go away.

Trivia Edit

  • The DVD of Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom includes a painting of a much more anthropomorphic Fug waving the Fug flag by Scuffy.