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Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom is a feature length film and the third installment of the Detective Heart of America series.

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A nefarious criminal has used his tremendous stockpile of stolen wealth to purchase all of the United States' debt, making him a majority owner of America.  His first act as owner is to pass a new amendment that annuls the Constitution, retroactively revoking the United States' status as a country. Suddenly the USA officially does not, and never has, existed.

How will Heart of America deal with the death of his beloved homeland?  Will he have the strength to continue fighting the good fight now that everything he knows and cares for is gone?

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Native Fugmericans Edit

  • Debra
  • Audrey
  • Jane
  • Roonie
  • Yovan
  • Linda
  • Rita
  • Elsa

Shark Council Edit

  • Great White Shark
  • Great Red Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark

Locations Edit

  • The Forrest
  • Heart of America's House
  • Reggie's House
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • JW Marriott
  • Heaven
  • The Ocean
  • The Baby's Car Thing Garage


  • The DVD comes with a paper depicting Fug waving a Fug flag.
  • On Tuesday the 4th of july 2017, FilmCow put on a live broadcast of the film. the film played in a loop.
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