Charlie the Unicorn is the titular character and protagonist of Filmcow's Charlie the Unicorn series.


Charlie is a large unicorn with a dull white coat. His basic appearance mirrors that of the other unicorns in the series, with the exception of his face, often carrying a frown and wider eyes with eyebrows.


Unlike the blue and pink unicorns, Charlie is more serious and is easily irritated by the actions of the other two unicorns. He is a constant downer, and often wants to be left alone, to the point where he considers that he is dead and the other two unicorns are his "eternal punishment."

Charlie teh Unicorn Edit

Unlike most characters, Charlie's personality in Charlie teh Unicorn mostly the same as it is in the regular series.


Charlie first appears sleeping, when he is approached by the red and blue unicorns, who promptly wake him up. He is then forced to go on an "adventure" to Candy Mountain, to which the other two unicorns supposedly found a map. He attempts to go back to sleep, and the blue unicorn jumps on him repeatedly until he succumbs. He gets irritated by their singing and asks them to stop. The blue unicorn points to a magical liopleurodon, who is supposed to guide them to Candy Mountain.

He maintains skepticism about it, causing the other two to "shun the non-believer." The liopleurodon makes a number of noises, and the two other unicorns state that it has spoken. Charlie is quick to point out that it didn't say anything.

The three are seen on a "bridge of hope and wonder." Charlie asks if anyone else was getting covered in splinters and tries to tell the others that they shouldn't be on the bridge. The blue unicorn then irritates him by repeating his name.

They make it to Candy Mountain, much to Charlie's disbelief. A number of candy like figures come out and sing, then explode. Charlie gives up and goes into the cave. He is knocked out and wakes up to find that the other two took his kidney.