The Blue and Pink Unicorns (also known simply as "Blue" and "Pink") are the gender-ambiguous primary antagonists in the Charlie the Unicorn series. Whilst their schemes may seem harmless at first, they have successfully stolen Charlie's kidney and all of his belongings, removed Charlie's horn, blown up the moon, and attempted to murder Charlie.

Physical Appearance Edit


Pink Unicorn

The blue and Pink unicorns, (as their names would suggest) are blue and pink colored unicorns. Similarly to Charlie, Blue and Pink are more detailed than most animated Filmcow characters. Unlike Charlie however, the colored unicorns' legs rarely move.


Blue Unicorn

Charlie teh Unicorn Edit

In the Charlie teh Unicorn series, the blue and pink unicorns are less detailed and speak less softly, but looks mostly the same.

Personality Edit

At first glance, the blue and pink unicorns seem irritating yet innocent, however, as the series progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that they have malicious intent. They seem to enjoy annoying Charlie and causing him pain. They often claim to see things that are not really there, such as "foogoo fish", which may imply that they hallucinate, but it is more likely that they are simply trying to annoy Charlie.

Charlie teh Unicorn Edit

The blue and pink unicorns seem to have much less of a motive to do the things they do in the Charlie teh Unicorn series. They are constantly stealing things and picking fights with other characters.