The Banana King is an entity from the Charlie the Unicorn series. He has a symbol which is similar to the communist symbol except the sickle is replaced with a banana.

Appearances Edit

Charlie the Unicorn 2 Edit

After escaping from the vortex on Charlie's back, the blue and pink unicorns show Charlie the magical amulet and ask him to join them on their quest to give it to the banana king, to which he agrees after they explain that the vortex will reopen and let out a thousand years of darkness. When the trio meet the frogrus, Charlie asks if it is the banana king, however, after the frogrus's song, it is reveald that Charlie is in fact the banana king. After Charlie gets back home, it is revealed that blue and pink have robbed him.

Charlie teh Unicorn 2 Edit

In the Charlie teh Unicorn series, the banana is an anthropomorphic banana wearing a crown. The blue and pink unicorns tell Charlie that they have to find him because he's trying to sell candy on their street, and then declare war because he supposedly blew up their (stolen) boat. Upon confronting the banana king, plue and pink tell him to stop being an asshole, but the banana king says that blue and pink are the assholes. Charlie says that he wants no part in the dispute, and the banana king says that he is not an asshole. blue and pink then go into the banana king's home and shoot him. Afterwards. blue, pink, Charlie, and a seemingly unharmed banana king go to a Denny's restrant and try to order pancakes, the waitress, however, insists that they have grand slamwiches, but before she can get them, the fire from episode 1 reapears.

Charlie teh Unicorn 4 Edit

After the unicorn's spaceship is shot with a grand slamwich, the banana king flies across the screen.