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The Animal/Dinosaur/Alien is a main character of The Animal series. He for some reason goes to George's house to interrupt George cooking his eggs. He is a different creature in the episodes for unknown reasons and says a sound that sounds like "mahh". George and Angela claims he is crazy when he does nothing and is very harmless

He as an animal in the first episode.


The AnimalEdit

He appears as a flying cat-like animal. For most of the episode George and Angela argue over how to get rid of him. In the end of the episode he just flies out the window.

Jurrasic Park 5Edit


He as a dinosaur.

He appears as a t-rex dinosaur with big spikes on his back. Angela claims it gave her the "evil eye". George and Angela argue over how to get it out of the house when it ends up traveling into another dimension, taking Georges eggs with him.

Prometheus 2Edit

He appears as a floating amiphibian-like alien. Angela claims it was controlling her mind ordering her to shoot George in the face. He ends up teleporting some where else leaving an alien egg that attacks George.


As an alien.